Solar Energy

On - Grid - Synchronised with your existing electrical grid connections, any extra electricity generated by you is accumulated in a virtual account. So when you need to use extra electricity, you do so by using your own accumulated units. Off - Grid -An energy storage set up that stores energy when it is being supplied in excess and provides you with energy from the energy bank when there is a lack, insufficient distribution of the same. Hybrid connected - A grid connected with battery backup


I’d put my money on the Sun and solar energy, what a source of power i hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.

For those that want to make a difference to the environment and slash electricity bills, we offer our solar energy solutions. Clean, uninterrupted power.

  • Rooftop & ground mounted Solar PV systems
  • Solar LED street lights

Solar systems are designed to work through all weathers as the input for the same is solar radiation, which is available throughout the year


We provide end to end solutions for all your energy needs. As known and proven wind energy providers, we offer a wide range of choices

  • Micro windmills:
    These are compact, space saving, energy generation systems that harness wind energy to provide power in homes
  • Diesel Generator (DG) sets:
    a combination of diesel engines and an electrical generator (mostly an alternator) used to generate electrical
  • Water heaters:
    systems that are designed to set up and provide hot water using solar radiation.
  • Battery back-up plants (DG) sets:
    a set of batteries connected to each other to form a power bank that stores energy from resources such as solar

All or any or a combination of these are provided on ‘case to case’ basis depending on your energy consumption need and type. We don’t sell the solution because we have one, we customize a solution because you need one.

Our Methodology


In the preliminary discussion stage, we

understand the client’s energy needs. If the client does need a solar installation, only then is he recommended on.

After looking into all of the client’s energy

consumption details eg, the area for installation available, any customization that may be needed, terms of ins.

Safety and maintenance checks ensuring the

optimal layout and design.Selection of materials based on energy consumption and overall feasibility. Technical and commercial details, highlighting project payback details. Procurement and delivery of materials from empaneled manufacturers ensuring complete safety of the products.

All the communication with Government

agencies such as CEIG (as applicable), or DISCOM. This includes appropriate documentation, visits, report generation and approvals for Net metering, etc.

Actual installation & setting up of the complete system.

Project handover to the customer after a comprehensive technical demo and basic training.

Our partnership does not end here! We provide

operation and maintenance services for the project, post commissioning. This includes panel cleaning & system health checkup at regular.