Solar Energy

On - Grid - Synchronised with your existing electrical grid connections, any extra electricity generated by you is accumulated in a virtual account. So when you need to use extra electricity, you do so by using your own accumulated units. Off - Grid -An energy storage set up that stores energy when it is being supplied in excess and provides you with energy from the energy bank when there is a lack, insufficient distribution of the same. Hybrid connected - A grid connected with battery backup


As awareness for cleaner energy options increases, the deployment of solar panels is now growing across geographies - as a clean, dependable and unending source of power. This is also been encouraged by several state policies that back the idea of solar energy for business and now also for homes. No more dependence on the grid and no more worrying about the growing electricity bills. We help you harness the biggest power source - the Sun, for your homes.

What does a solar powered system do for my home?

  • Reduces your dependency on the grid
  • Decreases your utility bills
  • Helps the home run on clean power
  • Cuts your dependency on fuels
  • Saves and even earns money

Commercial and Industrial

Plan, reduce and prioritize your electricity expenditure. Save on your biggest organizational expense - energy. Power up with affordable, clean energy that is healthy for the planet too! Renewable energy is the demand of our times - and what better than drawing it from the largest source known to mankind! In keeping with more sustainable solutions and organizational practices, we offer you the best end to end energy solution till date.

We understand your needs and only then customize the most cost effective, sustainable solar solution for your business. Unutilized rooftop spaces, open spaces can be conveniently and quickly converted into spaces that not only provide clean energy but also help you earn in the long term.