OHMS Offerings

Like money saved is money earned, power saved is power generated.

We are providers of a wide range of end to end solutions to all your energy needs. Our association does not end at that. We offer uncompromised support. Being technologically updated and thoroughly experienced helps us understand your problems and provide the best solution for your energy related issues.

Our expertise and experience has made us foray into four broad categories in order to make a difference - for your business and residential energy needs.

  • Solar Energy
  • Electrification : providing energy to a previously unidentified geographical area/location.
  • Transmission and Distribution : setting up the infrastructure that transmits and distributes energy to end users in certain geographical locations.
  • Consultation : correct advice and support to an end user regarding all his energy related queries / concerns/ needs
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Solar EPC

On - Grid - Synchronised with your existing electrical grid connections, any extra electricity generated by you is accumulated in a virtual account. So when you need to use extra electricity, you do so by using your own accumulated units.

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Lunisolar Homestay

Transmission and Distribution (T&D)

Includes Electricity Transmission & Distribution projects (such as government projects for Rural Electrification) involving laying of electric poles, transformers, sub- stations, cabling, end user connections etc.

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We have comprehensive experience in Electrification projects and in providing Electrical infrastructure. Our vision on electrifying rural India, is what we are working on, at a steadily growing, untiring pace.

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With our considerable amount of experience in energy solution provision, we now plan to also provide consultancy services regarding choosing, installing, maintaining and even procuring your most suited solution for the office, home, factory or industry.

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Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Operations and Maintenance (O & M) is a set of activities that allow a solar PV power plant to optimally produce energy. There are several different approaches to solar O&M, such as Preventative maintenance or the routine inspection and servicing of equipment to avoid breakdowns and needless production losses.

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