Transmission & Distribution (T&D)

Electricity Transmission & Distribution projects (such as government projects for Rural Electrification) involving laying of electric poles, transformers, sub- stations, cabling, end user connections etc.

  • Engineering:
    Creating system design, layout, component & material selection (based on tender specifications such as Bill of Quantity (BOQ), Electrical drawings etc.), confirming system details (based on Site survey and measurements)

Submitting a Techno commercial offer with project schedule details in response to tenders released by government authority such as Discom.

  • Project Planning:
    Identifying project scope, schedule, resources & budget, quality, risk and communication
  • Procurement:
    Submission of BOQ, Electrical diagrams (SLD), GTP etc for customer approval, finalization of material & approval, finalization of suitable manufacturer, commercial terms & delivery schedules. Finalization of Purchase orders, Performance on mandatory guidelines by client such as tests & inspection of material. Dispatch & receipt of material, Ensure quality of received material, Timely update of all records & information
  • Preliminary Works as per Field Quality Plan:
    confirming availability of signed Contract Agreements, approved Bar-chart & drawings at site, Deployment of Project Manager at site, Submission of required BGs & Indemnity Bonds by the contractor, Deployment of Safety Officer & Quality Control Engineer by the Contractor/ Agency, Ensure that Site order / instruction book is being maintained, Ensure that applicable insurance policies are taken by the contractor (e.g. Erection All Risk, Marine - Cargo policy, Workers’ Compensation (WC) policy, Storage-cum-Erection (SCE) policy, Automobile insurance etc.) so that Client is co-insured
  • Erection & Commissioning:
    Identification of Office & Stores, Mobilization of Site Staff, Survey & Approval, Obtaining Provisional BOQ Approval, Procurement & Supplies of Material, Site Execution- Foundation work including civil job, Erection work, Stringing work, Testing and commissioning work, Disposal of material at site/store work, Inspections, Obtaining Proper JMCs, Submission Of Running Bill’s Realizations, Compliances of Quality & Safety Issues, Submission Of Proper Handing Over and Taking Over reports, Final Bills & Closure Documents.
  • O & M:
    Providing operation and maintenance services for the project post commissioning - as required, system performance monitoring, system health monitoring, panel cleaning and upkeep or any troubleshooting as and when required.